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Delate definition is - accuse, denounce. Did You Know?

Delate | Definition of Delate by Merriam-Webster Delate definition is - accuse, denounce. Did You Know? What does delate mean? - definitions Definition of delate in the dictionary. Meaning of delate. What does delate mean? Information and translations of delate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … Delate - definition of delate by The Free Dictionary delate (dɪˈleɪt) vb (tr) 1. (Law) (formerly) to bring a charge against; denounce; impeach 2. (Law) rare to report (an offence, etc) 3. (Broadcasting) obsolete to make known or public [C16: from Latin dēlātus, from dēferre to bring down, report, indict, from de- + ferre to bear] deˈlation n deˈlator n delate Past participle: delated Gerund Delegate - definition of delegate by The Free Dictionary