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How to Connect Your Xbox 360 to Xbox Live (if You're New Jul 29, 2015 How does Xbox Live work? - Xbox One Message Board for Xbox On Xbox 360, you’re only eligible if you're on an Xbox Live Gold one-month free trial. If you're on a 14-day prepaid code trial, you're not eligible. You must have a current Xbox Live Gold subscription or trial that requires a credit card. Xbox Live Gold 6 Month Membership | Xbox One | GameStop

Can the Xbox 360 Play Original Xbox Games? Guitar Hero Live - Xbox 360: Activision Inc

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I wonder if Xbox One Controllers can work on the 360 I wonder if Xbox One controllers can work with the 360, even if it's only through the USB connection. The Xbox One controller is the same layout as the 360, and save for the feed back triggers, it's roughly the same controller just drastically improved with better tech. Can the Xbox 360 Play Original Xbox Games? Jan 23, 2020 Xbox 360 consoles get a new system update, the second this Microsoft has quietly released a new system update for Xbox 360 consoles (via Reddit).It’s not clear yet what this new version of the OS (2.0.17559.0) includes, as the software giant has yet to