There are three lights on the router and they all need to be turned on and colored green. The middle light is for internet access and if it not green, then the problem lies somewhere here. If it is colored red, then there is an internet connection, but it isn't connecting to the internet. Once you realize the problem lies here, then you can fix it.

What should I do if I cannot access the internet - NETGEAR Mar 29, 2018 Nighthawk router won't connect to internet - NETGEAR Bring it into the house, connect (only) some computer to it using an Ethernet cable, and pretend. that it's a new router. If necessary/desirable, reset the puppy, and. try again. In that minimal configuration (and especially after a. reset), either its default IP address ("") of any of those. R7000 will not connect to internet - NETGEAR Communities

Solved: Ac1750/R6400 not connecting to internet - NETGEAR

Netgear wireless router unable to establish internet Hi, Im a newbie in tis networking stuff. Recently I juz bought a netgear G wireless router model wgp614 v.6. I followed thru the steps in the cd connecting my ethernet modem to router & router to pc but Im not able to connect to Internet.

RT311 – DSL and Cable Internet Gateway Router with 10/100 Interface / RT311 RT314 – DSL and Cable Internet Gateway Router with 4-Port Switch / RT314 RT338 – Remote Access ISDN Router / RT338

Solved - netgear AC1200 wifi router problems connecting to Jun 18, 2017 Netgear Router Not Connecting to the Internet. What to do The internet connection depends upon the placement of your Netgear router. If you place your Netgear router on a lower shelf, back of any device or inside cupboard, your devices won't be able to receive the active internet connection from it. So, the best place to locate your Netgear router should be the center location of your house. No internet but Netgear router is connected [Solved] - CCM